lundi, août 18, 2014

A Yes vote is Scotland’s one opportunity to protect the NHS

A majority of Scots are likely to vote Yes next month on the prospect of the privatisation of the NHS in England having an adverse effect on Scotland's NHS, according to a new Panelbase poll commissioned by Yes Scotland.

The poll shows that 57 per cent of those questioned are likely to vote Yes (excluding those undecided). Among women, Yes is ahead by 52 per cent on the same question.

The poll shows the campaign to be within touching distance of a win in September, with 48 per cent already agreeing that Scotland should be an independent country.

Pro-independence group NHS for Yes described the referendum as Scotland’s one opportunity to protect the country’s valued health service.

Co-founder of NHS for Yes, Dr Willie Wilson, said: ‘This is a very welcome and significant poll. I’m confident that people will vote Yes next month to protect Scotland's NHS, and retain the founding principle that the NHS should be free at the point of need.

'Westminster privatisation of the NHS is a real threat to Scotland's health service. The Scottish Parliament has been excellent for NHS Scotland, but the powers of devolution are not enough. In the Welsh Assembly, we have already heard from Labour Health Minister Mark Drakeford about the danger to public services of the cuts being made by the Westminster government.

'A Yes vote, with the full powers of independence, offers us our one opportunity to secure Scotland’s health service - to protect it from Westminster funding cuts and the damaging impact of privatisation south of the border.’

NHS for Yes launched with an event in May attended by Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Posted by Sean Lafferty, 17.08.14