mercredi, juillet 16, 2014

What it would be like (Juncker & Scotland)

What it would be like
by Rev. Stuart Campbell (15 July 2014) 

The media and the No camp, in so far as those are two different things, got incredibly excited today about some comments made by new European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in which he said the EU wouldn’t undergo any further enlargement for the next five years.
“Juncker deals blow to Alex Salmond’s EU claims” (Telegraph) 
“Independence: Juncker deals blow to Scots EU plans” (Scotsman) 
“Alex Salmond’s dream of staying in the EU dealt a blow by new President of the European Commission” (Daily Record) 
“Better Together said the president’s comments make it clear that a Yes vote in the referendum would also be a vote to leave the EU.” (Herald)
So far so mundane. And then something odd, but welcome, happened. 

Someone did their job properly.
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