samedi, juin 21, 2014

Dooyeweerd: creation, fall, and redemption through Christ Jesus

"The scriptural ground-motive of the Christian religion — creation, fall, and redemption through Christ Jesus — operates through God's Spirit as a driving force in the religious root of temporal life. As soon as it takes hold of you completely, it brings about a radical conversion of your life-stance and of the whole view of temporal life. The depth of this conversion can be denied only by those who fail to do justice to the integrality and radicality of the Christian ground-motive. Those who weaken the absolute antithesis in a fruitless effort to link this ground-motive with the ground-motives of apostate religions in effect end up taking part in such a denial.

    But those who by grace come to true knowledge of God and of themselves inevitably experience spiritual liberation from the yoke of sin and from sin's burden upon their view of reality, even though they know that sin will not cease in their lives. They realize nothing in created reality offers the foundations or foothold as a reliable basis for their existence. They grasp how temporal reality and its nuanced multifaceted aspects and structures are concentrated as a whole in the religious root-community of the spiritual dimension of humankind. They see that temporal reality searches restlessly in the human heart for its divine origin, and they understand that the creation cannot rest until it rests in God."
(Herman Dooyeweerd: Roots of Western Thought: Pagan, Secular, and Christian Options, Paideia Press 2012, p 41)