vendredi, mai 23, 2014

Scots Independence: The Referen-dumb

The Referen-dumb ... deaf and blind
By G.A.Ponsonby (23 May 2014)
Newsnet Scotland ran a story this week that should have been on the front page of every newspaper in Scotland.

The exclusive, although it wasn't billed as such, revealed that the National Union of Journalists in Scotland were locked in a battle with the BBC over the broadcaster's membership of the CBI.

According to official communications seen by Newsnet Scotland, the Scottish NUJ said the refusal of the broadcaster to end its relationship with an organisation which was "taking a strong position for the union, and against independence", was damaging the reputation of its journalists and undermining the BBC's reputation for being impartial.

Some of the language used by officials was revealing.

The BBC was accused of having "fobbed off" the union after the NUJ demanded the broadcaster end its links to the CBI.  "It is time to step up big pressure on them now." said one.

The most interesting comments related to the refusal of the Scottish media to cover the dispute.
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