samedi, avril 26, 2014

When there's no more to be said

When there's no more to be said
Rev. Stuart Campbell (26 April 2014) 

We suppose we have to credit “Better Together” with SOME intelligence after all. It seems they’ve finally and belatedly learned that Tory ministers coming up and lecturing Scotland is a counter-productive business, so this week they sent Gordon Brown in to do Iain Duncan Smith’s dirty work for him, by issuing dire warnings about the cost of welfare in an independent Scotland using figures helpfully fed to him by IDS’s Department for Work and Pensions. But the UK government also released, with rather less fanfare, some other figures about pensions this week that didn’t reflect quite as well on the Labour former Chancellor and Prime Minister.
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Canavan challenges Brown to independence debate
Leading Yes campaigner Dennis Canavan has challenged former Prime Minister Gordon Brown to a public debate on independence.

Mr Canavan, who is chair of the Yes Scotland advisory board, has written to his former Labour colleague inviting him to a head-to-head at a time and place of his choosing.

The invitation follows Mr Brown’s speech at Glasgow University on Tuesday  - appearing for the first time under the Better Together banner - in which he sought to put forward "five positive reasons" for voting No on 18 September.

Mr Canavan, who served as a Labour MP at Westminster and an independent MSP at Holyrood, says in his letter that a "discussion on the future of our country and how we can best achieve the fairer and more socially just society we both seek" would be in the interests of both sides in the debate.
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