vendredi, avril 25, 2014

Billy Kay: The Cause: Independence and Identity

The Cause: Independence and Identity

In late 2012, Writer and Broadcaster Billy Kay produced and presented a major series for  BBC Radio Scotland on the history of Scottish nationalism.  It ranged from the identity forged in the Wars of  Independence, through the radicalism of the 19th century, to the dramatic transformation of the SNP from a small, marginalised “sect” to a dynamic political machine capable of  winning two elections and a referendum.

As we approach that momentous decision, Billy talks about his and the country’s national identity, illustrated with oral history, literature and music from his ground breaking series.  The debate so far has been dominated by the economy. This presentation will focus on the role of culture and identity in the way people may vote, the heart rather than the head as expressed in the words of Billy’s fellow Ayrshireman, Robert Burns.