mardi, mars 25, 2014

The Dirty Dozen - The case against BBC Scotland: Part 1

The Dirty Dozen - The case against BBC Scotland: Part 1
By G.A.Ponsonby (24 March 2014)
The BBC trades on its reputation like no other organisation.  It's this reputation for fairness and accuracy that ensures its news broadcasts carry weight, not just here in the UK, but internationally.

People trust the BBC like no other broadcast news outlet.  Indeed so deep runs that trust that in the UK the public allows itself to be coerced into funding the corporation through the TV licence, a tax costing each household £145.50 each year.

What though if that trust is misplaced and the privilege given to the BBC is being abused?  How many people would continue to fund a broadcaster if they suspected they were being manipulated?

In this two part series, I am going to present evidence that suggests the BBC's coverage of Scottish politics and the referendum is being manipulated in order to present the Scottish Government and SNP in the worst possible light.  I challenge those who read the complete series - 'The Dirty Dozen: The case against BBC Scotland' - to explain the handling of political news by BBC Scotland and to deny that there is something very wrong at the Glasgow HQ at Pacific Quay.

The list is in no particular order, but I have left the worst example to the end.  I start off with numbers twelve through to seven.

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