lundi, février 17, 2014

G.A. Ponsonby: The BBC will destroy itself in pursuit of a No vote

The BBC will destroy itself 
in pursuit of a No vote
by G.A. Ponsonby (16 Feb 2014)
"Unsurprisingly, Osborne - despite eventually commanding no fewer than four days news output at BBC Scotland - managed it without facing a single broadcast interview from BBC Scotland.  Salmond, Sturgeon and Swinney were grilled on the subject of currency, even Blair Jenkins from Yes Scotland was interrogated, but Osborne faced no scrutiny.

The BBC has now taken on the role of cheerleader for the No campaign when that campaign issues attacks on independence, and the bodyguard for the same campaign when it finds itself in trouble.  The latest diversionary tactic in the shape of another interview with Jose Manuel Barroso is just the latest in a string of interventions by the BBC which has now lost credibility as it struggles to contain the move towards a Yes vote in seven months’ time.

The latest comments from Barroso, made yet again in a televised interview by the BBC, have served only to highlight the blatant holes in the broadcaster’s claims to be neutral in its coverage of the referendum.  The BBC is not, and never has been, neutral – it will do all it can to persuade Scots to vote No.

Marr’s interview with Barroso was not designed to elicit anything new as far as the independence debate was concerned.  It was designed to deflect from the damaging fall-out that followed George Osborne’s poorly conceived visit to Scotland."
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