jeudi, janvier 23, 2014

Business for Scotland: Economic Case for Independent Scotland (video)

1/4 Intro & About
(6.51 mins) Intros: Managing Director Michelle Thomson for Business for Scotland, and Ivan McKee.
2/4 Economic Facts

(36:43 mins) Ivan McKee from Business for Scotland presentation.
3/4 Hearts as Well as Minds

(19.08 mins) Managing Director for Business for Scotland, Michelle Thomson, talks about change, confidence and ambition.

CORRECTIONS from Michelle Thomson: 
     In the section where I comment about devo-max I have mixed the number around i.e. the Scotland Act will give the Scottish Government control of around 15% of economic levers. However, in my talking bit, I have inadvertently stated that they would have control over about 85% (which is, of course, Westminster). It is at 15.54.
     Also, I have a slide at 17.14 and I also state that there is trade from England to Scotland of £400m per month -- actually it is £4.3 billion per month.
4/4 Q&A

(1.09.16) Michelle Thomson, Ivan McKee from Business for Scotland and poet Jim Monaghan: Q&A session.
This event was held on Tues 26 Nov 2013 at The Glad Cafe, Pollockshaws Rd, Glasgow.