jeudi, novembre 28, 2013

Scottish Independence: Mariano Rajoy

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (2012)
The Rajoy 'intervention' and why the traditional media cannot now be trusted
by G.A.Ponsonby (28 Nov 2013)

Most followers of the referendum debate will by now have been alerted to apparent comments from Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who - if the BBC is to be believed - has stated unequivocally that a Yes vote will leave Scotland outside the EU.

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EU scaremongers have own agenda
by George Kerevan (29 Nov 2013)

I AM a citizen of the European Union. I have been since 1973. In fact, of the 28 current members of the EU, the vast majority (19) joined after Scotland did. Scotland complies with all the many rules – legal, economic, political and social – required of each EU member state. In fact, we have a better track record of compliance than many other countries. Scots have long been at the centre of promoting European collaboration. David Maxwell Fyfe, a canny Scots lawyer, was instrumental in drafting the European Convention on Human Rights.

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'Lifted from the internet' - The poisoning of the independence debate
by G.A.Ponsonby (30 Nov 2013)

Friday saw the continued erosion of political journalism in Scotland.  A story exclusively revealed by Newsnet Scotland in October finally made it onto the pages of newspapers and the airwaves of the BBC.

The story was, sadly, unrecognisable by the time it had been manipulated, twisted and contorted.  A political agenda had been applied and a caricature - replete with attacks on Alex Salmond - presented to readers, viewers and listeners.

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What Rajoy is still not saying
by Paul Kavanagh (9 Dec 2013)

There’s something the Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy is still not saying, not even after being asked three times.  On Sunday, El País newspaper published a major interview with Rajoy.  It was a wide ranging interview, covering many topics, however naturally Catalonia and Scotland loomed large in the interviewer’s list of questions to ask.

The reporter asked Rajoy three times whether he would veto Scottish membership of the EU, and three times Rajoy declined to say that he would.

Most interestingly of all, we got a statement to the reverse effect.  Rajoy needs a reason to exercise a veto against Scottish membership, but he said he doesn’t have one.  Some of us have been saying all along that Rajoy has no intention of vetoing Scottish membership of the EU, contrary to the headlines in some of our national newspapers and broadcasters of late.

But first of all, I’ll let you read for yourselves exactly what Rajoy had to say about Scotland, together with the previous question and answer in the interview, which relates to Catalonia and is linked to his answers on Scotland.

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