mardi, novembre 26, 2013

"Scotland"s Future": Scottish Government guide: independence referendum

"Scotland's Future"
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Summary of key answers 
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Welcoming “Scotland’s Future: Your guide to an independent Scotland”
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp (26/11/2013)

Today witnessed the publication of the most crucial source of information in the referendum campaign.

The Scottish Government White Paper, ‘Scotland’s Future’, is a solid 670 page, 170,000 word, evidence based document on arranging, establishing and delivering the benefits of an independent Scotland.

It comprehensively answers 650 questions on independence covering all the topics we expected and more. There are now far more unanswered questions with a No vote than with a Yes vote.

It also sets out some of the huge opportunities that exist for Scotland – its citizens and businesses – with control over taxation, spending, regulation, immigration and global promotion.

Scotland will be wealthier

The economic evidence is clear that Scotland will be better off as an independent country. With a stronger fiscal position and without the drag of Westminster’s massive debts, Scotland will be far wealthier. The White Paper also outlines the massive assets dividend of £1.3 trillion that Scotland will gain its fair share of from voting Yes (page 30). This number transforms the economic debate when you factor those assets into Scotland’s economic strengths.

The White Paper provides extensive information on how Scotland as a wealthy nation can become a wealthy society. This includes Scotland current position of providing 9.9% of UK tax, while only receiving 9.3% of UK spending; the more than £500 million defence dividend saving; and the opportunities of using economic levers to boost the competitive advantage of key sectors in Scotland. Scotland has provided more tax per head than the rest of the UK for every year for 30 years.

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