jeudi, août 01, 2013

The Matrix Reformed: Science Fiction, Technology and Christian Philosophy

$14.00 / £10.92
     "Those who are familiar with the scope and practical relevance of reformational philosophy will not be surprised to see how this philosophy opens up a fresh understanding of the intertwinement of various facets of our contemporary culture, focused on science fiction films while contemplating the interplay of philosophy, culture, and film.
     What is normally taken for granted  - namely, our contemporary technological worldview - is brought to the surface in its magnified form by science fiction as a genre. The authors ask many burning questions and do not hesitate to explore their answers in various directions..." (Excerpt from Foreword by D.F.M. Strauss)

     "In that respect, we, the authors, are among others inspired by a body of thought also referred to as Reformational philosophy...a form of Christian thinking that has been developed and expanded in the footsteps of Herman Dooyeweerd and Dirk Vollenhoven." (from the Preface by authors Bart Cusveller, Maarten Verkerk, and Marc de Vries)