vendredi, juin 14, 2013

Scots Independence: BBC Skews News?

The referendum on Scottish independence will be held on 18 Sept 2014.

It is of deep concern to those who favour independence that the British State broadcaster is being neglectful of balanced debate, for example, repeatedly confronting single pro-independence spokespersons with numerous unionists.

Worse, BBC Scotland is strongly suspected of spinning political and economic coverage in such a manner as to undermine Scottish self-confidence and thus foster a pro-Union vote.

Serious misgivings. The evidence? The Scottish and World communities are encouraged to consider the merits of pertinent critiques and news-monitoring on the pro-independence site Newsnet Scotland.
Scotland as "Shrunkland" on BBC Weather Maps

Calculated or not, the subliminal propaganda-value for the Unionist camp of the distorted BBC evening weather map is all too obvious:

Consider in comparison a map from The Weather Channel:

Or a satellite image:

Another satellite image: