jeudi, juin 25, 2015

Same-Sex Marriage Law and its Negative Impacts on Schooling: Contemporary Liberalism and Religious Freedom

Same-Sex Marriage Law and its Negative Impacts on Schooling: 
Contemporary Liberalism and Religious Freedom

by Ian R Ridgway
PhD, MEd, DipEdPsych, BEd, TPTC 

A fashionable retort used by proponents for same-sex marriage (SSM) in debate has been that a change in the marriage law will only affect same-sex couples who want their relationship registered as a marriage. However, in jurisdictions where SSM law now applies that law now threatens the freedom of families, churches, businesses, workplace practices and school education in a way not seen before the imposition of these laws. This essay firstly will show that SSM legislation is one of the fruits of what can be called contemporary liberalism, and that that legislation in many cases leads to a diminution in civil freedom itself. Secondly, this essay will establish a basis for such civil freedom vis a vis SSM legislation showing that SSM legislation needs to provide for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Thirdly, it will be shown that one particularly vulnerable area that should be taken into account is school education. Religious freedom clauses should be part of any SSM legislation which seeks to avoid disharmony within society as has been experienced in various countries in the western world. I will show how this affects Australian schools and social norms as an example of the kinds of outcomes that may be expected from legislating for SSM.
(Current Australian context along with global Western purview)
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